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TI4, a series of lessons from new technologies

The project brought the elaboration of the topics of currently available I4 technologies, the aim of which is put knowledge of theory into practice The results of the TI4 project use modern ICT solutions. All education systems are implemented on the special multifunctional platform Coursevo for education and training preparation.
The project presented a series of lessons from new technologies that significantly affect production and provide insight into current and future global trends in advanced manufacturing. Another result of the project is the improvement of cooperation in the field of education for teachers secondary vocational schools but also students and employers, especially in the field of preparedness and deployment of successful high school graduates and their integration into employment process of companies.
The results of the TI4 project are based on the synergistic effect of practical and educational knowledge institutions. The goals of the project are of high quality, based on the current needs of the industry and schools for target groups.

Output O1- Examples of good practice

  • 1. Analyze and use in the project the best educational methods for Industry 4, smart production
  • 2. Analyze and use the best examples in the project presenting solutions from practice

In output O1 there are findings from the best examples from education for "worker 4" but also selection of the right methods and evaluation of education. He points out the benefits and efficiency the use of new procedures and methods for measuring and using the knowledge gained, and skills. Good examples are those that achieve fulfillment with the new methods goals of acquiring knowledge and skills on the part of the participant, the satisfaction of the lecturer but also employer satisfaction.
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O2 - Industry 4 output

The output of Industry 4 provides knowledge of the general development of the 4th Industrial Revolution, explains the concept and philosophy of I4, defines cyber-physical systems, describes the principles smart production, the main features of the technologies used and their context. further lists the benefits and risks of new production and requirements for new content of knowledge and skills for the new scope of work.
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Output O3 - Technology Industry 4

The intellectual output of O3 is the most important output of the project. The goal of this output was development of training materials and lessons for vocational education teachers such as initial and decisive article in profiling and acquiring graduate skills vocational schools.
The intention and goal of processing the intellectual output of O3 was primarily document and validate the objectives of the project and determine the content and scope of the lessons. The requirements for the processing of lessons also resulted mainly from discussions with secondary teachers schools at several events and from the claims of companies.

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Output O4 - ICT methodology

All education systems are implemented on a special multifunctional ICT platform for education and training COURSEVO. The task was to determine the method of fulfillment and use of the e-learning platform education system. The methodology of work was developed with the chosen system so that all partners can work with it. To that end, it was training with a responsible partner, where the participants got to know and learned to work with selected system.
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Output O5 - Glossary

The content of the output O5 - Glossary are terms and expressions that are related to the development of industry 4 and new technologies began to use. Terms and abbreviations in general are also explained below used in technical terminology related to production. It is their interpretation with a view understanding their meaning.
The processing of output O5 indicates the justification of the processing of such a technical one terminology as well as the subject teachers themselves would welcome it if it were developed a separate version in the form of a "glossary" and extended by the current abbreviations a labeling used in automation and individual technologies. The consortium wants to meet this requirement and plans after the project processing of the extended version of the glossary.

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